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Islam and Social Studies Quarterly based on the single article of the resolution of
the 625th session dated 03/21/1387 of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution
The resolutions of the Supreme Council of the Qom Seminary regarding the granting of scientific privileges,
the establishment of scientific associations, scientific poles and research units,
as well as the privileges of theoretical chairs, Criticism, debate and free thinking
in the field have official validity and are the originator of legal privileges in universities and seminaries.Since the beginning of 2019, Islam and Social Studies magazine does not have a printed version And it will be provided by the respected contacts only by paying the fee and filling out the subscription form.
Article publishing costs Arbitration fee: two million Rials Publication cost (in case of final acceptance): six million Rials Deposit the fee to the card number: 6037997750000789

Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 43, ExecutiveExpert, January 2024, Pages 1-220 

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